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Mac Glitter Eyeliner in Lime Dandy

Mac Glitter Eyeliner in Lime Dandy

I don’t know about the rest of you but it takes me FOREVER to get thru a huge pigment jar! It is probably due to the fact that I have a gagillion of them and never use anything until it is empty, hence my need for a huge makeup suitcase!!!

Anyway, I have been a listing fool lately! Tonight I listed these wonderful MAC Mini Pigment Charms I listed them in Lots. The biggest one that I have is 13 of the Charms, there are only two listings with this many in them and you get all 13 for only $100!! The colors in this lot are: Violet, Softwash Grey, Frozen White, Helium, Dark Soul, Pinked Mauve, Lily White, Forest Green, Copper Sparkle, Naval Blue, Sunpepper, DazzleRay, and one glitter in Reflects Gold (white) Compare it to full size pigments, you buy three and you are well OVER a hundred dollars!

I also listed MAC Glitter Eyeliners  in lots of 5 different colors for ONLY $60! The colors in each lot are Blitzed, Pewter Pink, Lime Danday, En Bronze and Wonder White.

I listed over 200 pieces of Molton Brown Cosmetics. It took me forever and I finally finished tonight! There is a huge assortment of eye shadow colors, foundations, lip products, mascara, pressed powder, blush and bath & shower gels as well!! They are priced WAY below retail!

I got in another 100 pieces of Bourjois. Since I had already listed over a hundred pieces I decided to make up a few wholesale lots because I know that people have a hard time finding small affordable lots! Cosmetics suppliers are the best kept secret around!! Nobody gives up their sources!! So when I get in huge lots of things I like to break them up into wholesale lots that don’t break the bank!

I also just got in about a hundred pieces of Smashbox…LOVE Smashbox!! Most items that I got in, I only got ONE of so it was really hard for me to keep my hands off of them because I wanted them ALL!!! You can click on the link so you can see what their prices are and then head back to my store in a couple days and see what great deals you can find!!!

Right now we are running a 20% OFF Sale!!! The percentage is off over 800 items store wide!! In the next couple weeks I will be putting tons more items up. I have been buying up everything my suppliers have offered me!!! Can’t wait to get everything in!!! I will let you know when I get the Smashbox up for sale!!!

Check out our lot of 15 MAC Eyeshadows!

Check out our lot of 15 MAC Eyeshadows!

As we all know MAC Cosmetics is one of the favs out there!! Good thing because I just got in over 500 pieces of it!!! Of course it’s all brand new and totally authentic! I just listed some great wholesale lots starting at only .99 cents!!! We have a pretty good selection of MAC pigments and Eyeshadows, all new and in the box!

MAC Pigments and Eyeshadows are among my favorites. Since they are both pigment heavy they give you long lasting, crease proof wear. They also give you bold color when you want it or feather it on for a lighter shade. Its all up to you!!! You can use both either wet or dry. They also last you a long time!!! Pigments are a little jar and they last me forever!! I also just got in a ton of colors in the little MAC Mini Pigment Charms. I am trying to decide if I should sell them as lots with one of each color or should I do them individually?? These are just adorable! Plus anyone out there that is like me, I have to be buying new stuff all the time so I never really use up all of my old stuff, so with the mini pigments you dont have to worry about having a ton on hand or getting something to try and possibly it not being your color, with the minis you havent spent much so its worth taking the risk of trying colors you normally wouldn’t!