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All natural laundry detergent and fabric softener

All natural laundry detergent and fabric softener

I am really excited!! I recently got in contact with a new supplier that makes their own soap & body products.  I am in the process of opening a brand new store on Ebay named The Happy Earth Emporium  I have been tossing it around to see if I am going to want to carry these products in my Bela’s Boutique also. I am thinking I am going too! Atleast the body lotions and scrubs!

I was kind of hesitant on starting out with this new venture because you just never know where it will go. Obviously I dont think that it will be success overnight, I know that it takes a while!!  This new company that I am dealing with are just wonderful!!  Since I had never used their product before they sent me a ton of samples of which I have been using like crazy because I am just absolutely in LOVE with them!!!

I love the fact that they made these items themselves, that they use only natural products and even their packaging is earth friendly!!! Best of all there is like a hundred different scents!!!  So there is something for everyone!!!  I will be starting a blog for this store soon, I just wanted to mention it here on my blog for the time being!!!

I will let everyone know when the big launch is!! I will also be carrying earth friendly cleaning products such as laundry soap, dish soap and cleansers too!!! If each of us just uses one earth friendly product we can make a difference!!!