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All natural laundry detergent and fabric softener

All natural laundry detergent and fabric softener

I am really excited!! I recently got in contact with a new supplier that makes their own soap & body products.  I am in the process of opening a brand new store on Ebay named The Happy Earth Emporium  I have been tossing it around to see if I am going to want to carry these products in my Bela’s Boutique also. I am thinking I am going too! Atleast the body lotions and scrubs!

I was kind of hesitant on starting out with this new venture because you just never know where it will go. Obviously I dont think that it will be success overnight, I know that it takes a while!!  This new company that I am dealing with are just wonderful!!  Since I had never used their product before they sent me a ton of samples of which I have been using like crazy because I am just absolutely in LOVE with them!!!

I love the fact that they made these items themselves, that they use only natural products and even their packaging is earth friendly!!! Best of all there is like a hundred different scents!!!  So there is something for everyone!!!  I will be starting a blog for this store soon, I just wanted to mention it here on my blog for the time being!!!

I will let everyone know when the big launch is!! I will also be carrying earth friendly cleaning products such as laundry soap, dish soap and cleansers too!!! If each of us just uses one earth friendly product we can make a difference!!!

Check out our lot of 15 MAC Eyeshadows!

Check out our lot of 15 MAC Eyeshadows!

As we all know MAC Cosmetics is one of the favs out there!! Good thing because I just got in over 500 pieces of it!!! Of course it’s all brand new and totally authentic! I just listed some great wholesale lots starting at only .99 cents!!! We have a pretty good selection of MAC pigments and Eyeshadows, all new and in the box!

MAC Pigments and Eyeshadows are among my favorites. Since they are both pigment heavy they give you long lasting, crease proof wear. They also give you bold color when you want it or feather it on for a lighter shade. Its all up to you!!! You can use both either wet or dry. They also last you a long time!!! Pigments are a little jar and they last me forever!! I also just got in a ton of colors in the little MAC Mini Pigment Charms. I am trying to decide if I should sell them as lots with one of each color or should I do them individually?? These are just adorable! Plus anyone out there that is like me, I have to be buying new stuff all the time so I never really use up all of my old stuff, so with the mini pigments you dont have to worry about having a ton on hand or getting something to try and possibly it not being your color, with the minis you havent spent much so its worth taking the risk of trying colors you normally wouldn’t!

Ok, It has been FOREVER since I have posted to my blog!! It has been crazy with our moving across country and then the unpacking…well we wont even go there!!! I hadn’t really bought any new product in a while because I wanted to be down to as little as possible for our move. I was really nervous about everything making it to Arizona intact but I had nothing to worry about! Everything went really smoothly!  I was the most worried about things melting but we bought a ton of dry ice and sealed everything in huge coolers and they made it thru perfectly!! Dry ice is GREAT, no condensation or anything like regular ice…maybe thats why they call it DRY ice? Ha! could be!!!

So now I have been shopping for new items like crazy and have about a thousand pieces to list! Its just crazy! Just to give everyone a heads up about what I will be in the process of listing this week as I work thru it all taking pictures!! Alot of GREAT stuff came in this load!!!

There are TONS of MAC Eyeshadow!!! A huge assortment of colors, Full Size Pigments in about 5 different colors, the new CreamSheens in an assortment of colors, although these I dont know what the post office does with the packages but they must of not had airconditioning so they got a bit soft and have some marks on them from hitting the sides of the tube so while they are still great and brand new I am going to be selling those at a huge discount!! Just hate to see good makeup go to waste!!!  Lets see….there are MAC  Chromeglass, Plushglass and Lipglass all to make your pout beautiful!!! Mac Liquid Last Liner in about ten different colors all new in the box!!

Saturday a huge load of Molton Brown showed up along with a 100 piece load of Bourjois cosmetics. Incase you haven’t heard about Molton Brown before they are a UK based company that has been in the business since 1973 their products are all about natural ingredients and it is just a wonderful line. I only bought a couple hundred pieces to see what people would think about them!  So I will be listing all sorts of great items from body washes to eyeshadows!!!

Bourjois is a wonderful brand that is made in France and what most people dont realize is that Bourjois is made by Chanel!!  So you get the same great quality as Chanel for a fraction of the cost!!

We also got in some Smashbox O-Gloss. I have had the Smashbox O-glow for a while now and it is awsome!! So I am looking forward to trying the O-gloss out!

Lets see..what else was in all those boxes!! Of course I am like a kid on Christmas morning and have to rip into each and every box but then have to go back thru and inventory and list everything!!!

Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP+ Poly Collagen Peptides Correcting Serum for lines, wrinkles and age spots, only 5 of them!! Some MD Skincare, a bunch of Clarins self tan items and Revital Shampoo. Anna Sui Conditioning fluid and a huge assortment of Erno Laszlo!! I got in a bunch of the Conditioning Preperations the HUGE 12oz Pro size.

I think that is about it for now!! I did just order about 50 pieces of Smashbox too!! That should be coming next week along with some Origins products!!! I try to keep a good mix of brands in my store so that there is something for everyone!!!!

Bela’s Boutique now has its full line of La Bella Donna Mineral Cosmetics.

It is a beautiful line of Mineral Cosmetics. They have been featured in all of the major fashion magazines such as: Elle, InStyle Magazine, and Allure.

So why mineral makeup?  Well, as we all know there are plenty of different kinds of makeup out there that is perfectly fine. Even better than fine. Personally, being the makeup junkie that I am, I love all the high end products and my makeup case consists of a little bit of everything!!! But some people have a hard time finding makeup that is good for their sensitive skin others just prefer to be all natural instead of chemicals. Some swear the mineral makeup is the best there is out there. I dont for me, I like what I like! If it looks good on me, I like the way it feels and works with my skin then I am all over it.  There ARE many benefits to the mineral makeup that the other brands just can not claim though.

First of all, what IS mineral makeup?  That name probably conjures up visions of putting on your mining helmet and heading down into the darkness and digging a rock out of the Earth to rub on your face. Well I suppose you COULD do that, but as for me, I don’t like to get dirty! So Mineral Makeup in a nutshell are mineral pigments that do come from rocks. They are micro-pulverized and jet milled to obtain that incredible smooth consistency that they have. Mineral pigments are all natural. They do not contain any FD&C Dyes, oils, Talc, alcohol or fragrance. Hence making them much better for your skin and making them more tolerable for the skin for those with sensitive skin.

The benefits of using Mineral Makeup are:

  • Mineral Makeup is Natural
  • Ideal for all ages and skin types
  • Perfect for post op Coverage
  • Does not clog pores
  • Doesn’t contain any chemical additives
  • It covers imperfections perfectly, yet it allows the skin to “breathe”
  • Most mineral foundations have a natural SPF (sun protection factor).
  • Minerals offer very good and buildable coverage that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing any makeup at all.
  • Ideal for sensitive, acne, or problem skin
  • Nearly zero allergy rate
  • Long-lasting colour that does not crease, fade or wear away
  • Minerals give your skin a youthful “glow”, looks natural, not a heavy “made up” look.

You can find out more about the history of La Bella Donna by checking out their webpage. Then head on over to Bela’s Boutique to find them at a great deal!! Once they are gone they are gone! So stock up because you wont find them at this price again!!!

We are currently carrying the following La Bella Donna products:

I just got in a HUGE thousand piece load that I am actually taking a few minutes off from listing to write this newsletter and this Tuesday I have a HUGE shipment coming in (about another thousand pieces)….I know I know I am trying to get rid of inventory, but I just couldn’t pass up on these GREAT deals!!!

The first load was a closeout load. I couldn’t pass it up. It was a thousand pieces of mixed high end cosmetics and skincare for a FAB price, only thing was many of the items had some damages to the packaging due to not having boxes and being mixed in together with a lot of other items.  With that being said, the PRODUCT itself is perfect!! The packaging isn’t open and doesn’t have holes or anything like that!!! Just superficial things that keep the appearance from being perfect!!! So, because of this I get to offer you all these super high quality products for super low prices!! Actually most of them I am putting on as auctions ALL staring at 9.99 or lower and will let YOU decide how much to pay for them!!!  There are literally a THOUSAND great deals in the Boutique!!!!

 Next are some new items and BRANDS that are coming to Bela’s Boutique!!

 The first brand is Scott Barnes. I have only carried a couple Flossy Glossy Lip Glosses before and didn’t realize what a beautiful line he carries!!!

We will be getting in 415 pieces of Scott Barnes and I will try to have everything listed by the end of the week!!!

 The shipment consists of: 

     Flossy Glossy Lip Gloss in 13 Colors

     Lip Suede (Stick) in 7 Colors

     Lip Slicks in 5 Colors

     Eye Brow Pencil in 2 Shades

     Mascara in 2 shades

     Illumineye eye Shadow in 14 shades

     Eye Ice Eye Shadow in 7 Shades

     False Eyelashes 3 types

     Crème Foundation in 9 shades

     Pressed powder in 3 shades

     Loose Powder in 8 Shades

     Loose Powder Bronzer in 2 shades

     Crème Concealer in 2 shades

     Cheek Palettes in 6 color combinations

     Body Bling in both Original and Platinum

     Self Tanners 2 different kinds

      Luminizing body mist

     Hydrating Mask

     Makeup Brushes (which btw are BEAUTIFUL) 10 assorted brushes!

All of these are NEW IN THE BOX!!!  These are colors and items you don’t normally see on EBay so grab them up!!! I know that I have had a lot of customers from Toronto Canada asking for them because they closed down their makeup counter up there!! So stock up!!!

The next BRAND is La Bella Donna Mineral Cosmetics. I have never really carried mineral cosmetics before so I am looking forward to checking these out!! We will be getting in 381 pieces of La Bella Donna in on Tuesday!

This shipment consists of:

 Lipstick 17 shades Retails for $22.50

Lip Gloss (Lip Sheer) 17 Shades Retails for $22

Lip Pencils 7 colors Retails for $20

Lip Compact Color 1 color palette retails for $45

Eye Pencils 2 colors Retail for $20

Eye Shadow 22 Shades Retails for $19

Eye Shadow Compact 1 palette Retails for $55

Mineral Eraser Concealer in 2 Shades Retails for $30

Loose Foundation 10 Shades Retails for $50

Compressed Foundation 8 Shades Retails for $50

Compressed Blush 11 Colors Retails for $25

Crème Blush 2 Colors Retails for $30

Visions of Lights Bronzer Retails for $40

Crème Highlighter 2 Shades Retails for $30

Assorted Brushes 12 different brushes Retail for $18-45

All of these are brand new in the boxes!!!!

We will also be receiving in 69 pieces of Rilastil Skincare/Suncare/Makeup

This is a new brand for me also and had to research it to find out what it is!!! This one is mostly skincare with a few cosmetic items!!

This shipment will consist of:



Intensive Face

Intensive Hand

Dermosolare Lotion

Dermosloare Sunscreen

 All new in the box!!!

The llast brand I had never even HEARD of!!! It is called Pixi Cosmetics. Pixi Cosmetics is based in London England and was started by three sisters. There are some stores in the US that do carry the line but it is mostly thru out Europe! I have been researching this brand and it has top notch products!! I would say the equivalent of their product in the US would be Prescriptives, Stila, Too Faced or Urban Decay. Their products are fresh and fun!! Check out their website (do a search for Pixi Cosmetics) to see what types of products they carry!!!

We are only getting in 83 pieces of Pixi that consists of:

Lip Boosters 7 Shades Retails at $28 EACH

Eye Bright Kit 3 Shades Retails at $45

Eye Beauty Kit 5 Shades Retails for $52

Hydrotint Duo 6 Shades Retails for $52

Sheer Cheek Gel 4 Shades Retails for $28

Perfume Spray 3 Scents Retails for $51

Perfume Oil 3 Scents Retails for $28

These are also brand new in the box!! I am looking forward to getting these in to try them out for myself!! (Of COURS I have to keep a set for myself!! It’s a PERK! LOL!)

 Bela’s Boutique


Cosmetic Favs:

 I am a self admitted makeup junkie. Just the thought of walking by a fully stocked makeup counter gives me the chills!! But do I have favorites?  Well not really one specific brand, I have MANY favorites and I definitely have favorite items that I can’t live without.

 Well I just got in a HUGE shipment of Too Faced items. All of them are boxed, perfect condition and just beautiful. I swear when I opened the box and saw all of those beautiful pink and black boxes I thought I just may swoon at any time!!!

Too Faced has funky cool products with the best names!! I wish I could be one of those people that get to name the different shades! It just sounds like fun!!!  I am excited about this lot because there are a lot of things in there that nobody else has on Ebay. I might only have a few of them but here is the chance to get them at a great price!!!

 Why do I like Too Faced so much?  I love…Love…LOVE their Eye Shadow. I think I must own almost every duo that they make along with Quickie Chronicles. I love that their eyeshadows are heavily pigmented. They have great staying power, don’t crease and come in a huge range of colors!!  I am also in love with their lip gloss. I always have to keep one of each when I get a shipment. A girl can NEVER have enough lip gloss can she?? 

New just in FAT KISS in EIGHT different shades!! JUICY JEWELS…discontinued and hard to find now, THREE flavors of BEAUTY BALM, SIX shades of STATUS GLOSS…don’t we all need a lip gloss named “TRUST FUND BABY”???  Then we have GLAMOUR GLOSS in SIX shades, and the super duper ultra shiny DIAMOND GLOSS in EIGHT different shades!!! (Click on the words and they will take you right to those glosses!!!! See how easy I make it for you??)

 There is way more than just glosses!!! How about some CARIBBEAN IN A COMPACT for that subtly sun kissed look?? Or maybe some KITTY GLITTER to add a little shimmer and shine next time you are heading out on a hot date or just out for the night???  But don’t stop there!!! Check out the AFTERGLOW products, which include the ICE CUBES which include an eyeshadow and body shimmer powder or AFTERGLOW pressed powders??

 Ok I think you get the jist of it all!! You can shimmer, shine, plump your pout or just juice it up. Smoke out your eyes and flush your cheeks. Just head into our Too Faced category and its all there just waiting for you at incredible prices!!!!