Thank you for wanting to know a little bit more about me and my store!! I guess I need to tell
you all a little about myself.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Bela’s Boutique
. We are owned and operated out of Sandy Creek, NY (This is northern NY where all the snow flies!) We first opened our website in August 2005 and have been here on EBay ever since!!
About thirteen years ago I was hired to be a manager of a little gift shop on an Army base in Bad Kreuznach Germany called Sid’s Gift Shop. I absolutely loved it! Sid gave me the opportunity to run the store as if it were my own. I ordered the merchandise that I knew my customers would want, the store layout and even how we would treat our customers. It was a great experience for me because it gave me that first little inkling to wanting to own my own business. I worked in the gift shop for three years and came back to the states to become an assistant manager of a higher end women’s clothing store. I went on to work in three of these stores until finally I had enough of the retail mall life, meaning working most times 6 days a week, all hours of the day and holidays….what where they??

So I went back to school and earned Associates in Computer Information Systems, Associates in Business Administration and Bachelors in Human Resource Management. So I had experience, education but then had no idea what to do. My husband suggested that I open a store on EBay. I kind of laughed because that is what people do when you say you have a store on EBay! But it has been a wonderful experience that has given me the opportunity to open my own business, stay home with my daughter, put to use all my experience and education along with dealing with something I love …..MAKEUP!!!

Our Products
In our Boutique
you will find an assortment of High End Department Store Brand Cosmetics, Skincare and Makeup. All priced at below retail. Our inventory changes constantly, it is sometimes very hard to get the same things in again so when you see it you better grab it because there probably won’t be more coming in!
All of our products are authentic, brand new and never EVER used or tested! I deal with very reputable wholesalers whom I have been dealing with for the past two plus years. I have approximately four wholesalers that I deal with on a regular basis. I like to know where the products are coming from to ensure that they are authentic and sticking with my favorites does just that for me. I never have to worry because they are committed to the same goals as I am. To provide their customers with fresh, authentic brand new quality products!
Our Boutique
is filled with over 700 items with approximately 50 different brands of cosmetics and skincare. Click here to shop with us: Bela’s Boutique
We offer a large selection of items in Wholesale Lots
in our Boutique We realize that many times people just starting out or people that have smaller stores don’t want to buy in HUGE 50, 100, or even 1000 piece quantities. This is why we started our Wholesale Lots Catagory. In this catagory you will find all sorts of items in small 10 or 20 piece lot sizes priced at wholesale prices. It is a great way to buy in bulk without breaking the bank!!
Hot Lots is also a newer catagory for us. Sometimes we get in say four colors of one specific item. Well I am one of those people who has to have one in every color, and I am sure there are many others out there that do the same!! So we combine these items and offer them at a lower price than if you purchased them seperately! This gives you a great way to buy them all at once, save on shipping and save a bit on the product itself!

Now we all know that we women are all about beauty and smelling good but what about our men? Well we have that covered for you as well!!! We have recently added a catagory that is just FOR HIM!! Here you will find shower gels, after shave balms and all over body shampoos for all the men in your life!

Sizzlin’ Samples

This catagory is all about sample size products. I am sure there are times when you see a new product from a brand that you really like and think to yourself “Boy I really wish I could try it before I spent that amount of money on the full size product” Well here is your answer!! We carry mostly Erno Laszlo samples but this is a great way to try a product without going bankrupt! They are the same exact product just in smaller sizes!!! We sell these relatively cheap so that you can purchase them to try the product so you wont feel so bad if that specific product isnt for you.





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