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by Bela’s Boutique

Hi!! How are you?


 It’s been a while since I have sent out any E-Mails, it isn’t that I have been busy…I have just been waiting for all of my new things to get here!! Well not all are here but about half and they are such incredible products at great prices and I’ve gone a little “FREE SHIPPING” happy on my listings, so I thought you might want to know all about it!!


We all know that the Holiday Season is almost here, many have already started their shopping (Not me!! I need to so bad!) so I have been scouting out for incredible deals from my suppliers that I can pass on to my customers. With the economy the way it is, we are all tightening the purse strings and trying to find the best deals available!!


Right now we have 15% off almost the entire store with SO many items that have FREE shipping!!  While I have lots of great gift are a couple that are sure to make a great gift for that makeup addict on your list!


Too Faced’s Decade of Glamour Kit



Too Faced’s Naughty or Nice Palette


And don’t forget the most important person on your list…YOU!! I always have to shop for myself while I am doing my holiday shopping!! We just got in some incredible eye shadow trios from Vincent Longo, we have a huge assortment along with some new lip glosses as well!


We also have new skincare by Erno Laszlo, Kanebo, and Amore Pacific!!


Keep checking back as we will be adding new items soon!!


Thank you and happy shopping!!




Just in great items from Benefit Cosmetics! These are perfect for gift giving…cute little stocking stuffers! I love the names of Benefit products. They are fun and come in lots of fun color and packaging. You cant go wrong with their cosmetics.

Benefit Bad Gal Plum

We have a huge assortment of Vincent Longo Eyeshadow Trios!! These retail for over $30 each!! All of ours ship for FREE! 

Vincent longo bella boca

We just got in a great selection of Vincent Longo Eyeshadow Trios! All brand new and in the box. These retail for $30 each and we are selling them for only $22 with FREE SHIPPING! Yippie!  We have the shadows from the 1-2-3, Sex Lux Pax and Sun Moon Stars collections. Many of the colors are sold out at Vincent Longo. These would be great little stocking stuffer gifts for that makeup lover on your list!! You cant go wrong with these shadows that have complimentary colors in each pot so it makes creating that special look easy!!!

vincent longo Purple Sky eyeshadow

We are getting ready for the holiday season by stocking up on your favorite products. Check out our MAC , Kanebo, and new Benefit cosmetics.

This blog has been down for a while…finally I have it back up! Waaahhooo!!!

I admit I am terrible at writing in blogs!! I really want to be good!!! But I always seem to forget about them!!!

Anyway, here I am again with some news of about 300 new listings at Bela’s Boutique!  I have been working for DAYS trying to get everything listed!!

We got in a brand that is new to us, Nicole Miller. Of course I have heard the name, but I didn’t realize that the name was more than a clothing line, that they offered cosmetics as well! I had to keep a couple for myself as I like to try out at least a couple of the products when I get something new in!!  So I kept some foundation and some presses powder!!  I really like them! The foundation goes on nicely and gives me good coverage, the powder is silky and I like the fact that they dont have a strong fragrance. Fragrance is one of my pet peeves with cosmetics.  I don’t mind if something smells fruity …if its a lip gloss but when foundations and other cosmetics smell perfumy <— is that a word? It makes me crazy and I can’t wear it.  Speaking of yummy lipglosses, the ones that came in with the Nicole Miller brand smell wonderful!! I only got in one of each color so believe me it was very hard not to snag them for my own makeup bag!

I also receive another brand which is new to our boutique and that is Amore Pacific.  I didn’t get alot of this in but I got a few really nice items. I will have to see how it goes to see if I will be ordering more of this!

Now I got  a TON of Bourjois in, some great eyeliners, lip pencils  and lipsticks! I have mentioned it before because not many realize that Bourjois is made by Chanel. So you get the same great quality as Chanel but it doesn’t hurt as much on the wallet!

The product that I received the most of is Molton Brown. I have to admit when I first started getting this brand in I was skeptical, especially about if it would sell or not. I had never heard of it, it is a European company and while I do sell internationally, quite a bit to the UK, I have been pleasantly surprised at how many people in the states know about and love this brand!!

We received quite a few of the bath and body  products and some really great cosmetics that I haven’t had before! Don’t miss our huge selection as we have most of it on sale right now for 20% off!!

I will try to be better about posting! I promise!! I have so many great things going on right now and coming up!! Things are just crazy with the holiday season going on!!!

Thank you for reading!!


Happy Holidays!


We are constantly trying to find new products to carry in our store. We have recently started carrying some different fragrances. Only a few to start with but hopefully it will develope into something that our customers will really like and we will be able to carry a full line of popular designer perfumes!!!

We will be adding one or two new brands daily, perfumes and sets that are priced drasticly lower than what you will find them in your local department store!!

One that we are carrying is this beautiful set by Juicy Couture.  Why wouldn’t it be beautiful…its Juicy!! This set retails for $95. We are offering it in our store for only $64.99!! Isn’t that CRAZY? But that’s me!! Crazy! I know that I like a super great price so it makes me really happy when I can offer the same thing to my customers!! 

This set includes: 1 ~ 3.4oz Eau De Parfum Spray, 1~ 4.2oz Body Sorbet and 1~ 4.2oz Shower Gel.

Juicy Couture made by Juicy Couture of course is a lush mix of watermelon, mandarin, passion fruit, apple, tuberose, caramel creme brulee with woods and patchouli.

The next brand that we just started carrying is Lolita Lempicka, to be honest at first I think I chose this one because I like to say the name!! Its a fun name! But then when I received my samples and actually was able to try this scent I fell in love. (Just what I need…yet another thing to fall in love with! I am already obsessed with makeup brushes and lip glosses! I don’t need another obsession!) Not only is the name fun, but the bottles that this brand comes in is alot of fun! Beautiful apple shaped spray bottles (you stray it out of the stem!)

We are carrying two of the Lolita Lempicka fragrances. The first one is Lolita Lempicka Eau de Minuit ~ Midnight Spray 2.7oz.  lolita-lempicka-midnight 

Lolita Lempicka fragrances are described as fresh, oriental, and woodsy. This incredibly feminine scent possesses a blend of exotic licorice and vanilla combined with light greens, florals and musk.

We are also carrying the daytime version of this fragrance Lolita Lempicka EDP 3.4oz  it is in a lighter bottle. I just love these bottles!! They are almost as great as the frangrance itself!!

Keep checking the store ~ Bela’s Boutique ~ as we will be adding more very soon!! Great gift ideas!! What lady wouldn’t want to find a beautiful fragrance in their stocking??? 

Howdy Everyone!!!


Brand new sale starting today and running until November 5th!!  It’s our Look your best in the voting booth sale!!  Ha! As if we need a reason to have a sale or to look our best!!! Either way, save 20% off over 600 items in our Boutique!!  That’s a whole lot of savings on your favorite brands!!!


NEW in the Boutique:


Just in, tons of great Urban Decay products!! Just listed some fancy new Deluxe Eye Shadows along with brushes, Surreal Skin Concealer and some fun & funky glitter for the eyes!!


We also got in some Joey New York Pure Pore Blackhead Remover & Pore Minimizer Gel & “Line Up” The safe alternative to Botox!!



There is also tons of Smashbox!! New hot lots of Smashbox products includes a lot of O-Glow Blush, O-Plumper and O-Gloss ~ Auction starting at only $0.99!! How exciting is that!! LOVE those products!!! If you don’t know about this line with Smashbox, what it does is the products work with your natural chemistry to give a color that is flattering for you!! The O-Glow blush can be worn on any skin tone as it will give you that flushed cheek look that is perfect just for you!! LOVEEE it!


Wholesale Lots:


Newly listed wholesale lots!! I know that it is very hard to find lots in smaller amounts. Most of the major wholesalers want you to buy in big bulk and my way of thinking is first of all, who wants hundreds or thousands of the same item?? Not me I like to have a variety. Second, those huge lots can be soooo expensive! So we really try to make some smaller lots that appeal not only to those resellers that just want to buy 10 or 20 of something but for those out there doing their Holiday shopping that are looking for things to put in stockings and gift baskets!!



Our New Projects:


Check out our new stores! They are still being worked on but are coming along nicely!!! The Happy Earth Emporium ~ eco friendly products such as cleaning products (laundry detergent, dishwashing soap etc) and Spa products. We carry an entire line of all natural handmade spa products that are made with all natural ingredients and that smell wonderful!!! We have incredible Holiday Scents that come in soaps and body lotions!!


Our second store is Bela’s Christian Gifts. We are carrying some fun Christian products such as Gospel Golf items and Scripture Candy along with all natural Honey products that have scriptures on their packages!  We will be adding vintage Christmas cards too!!

Contact us:


If you have any questions or ideas please let us know!! We love hearing from our customers!!  You can follow along with us on Twitter also!! We often announce new items and sales!!  Our name on Twitter is the same as Skype babblinbela


Thank you and have a great week!!



I have been very busy listing new items into my store Bela’s Boutique. I got in a ton of new items that I just have to share with everyone!!!

Smashbox ~ 50 pieces of assorted items such as eyeshadow, cream eyeliners, lipstick, lip gloss, blush and since I am a brush freak ~ a huge assortment of Smashbox Brushes!!! I have to tell you that I can’t believe how low I priced all these items!! I dont think there is one item much over $20! Its crazy!!! They won’t be in there long! I expect them to blow out of the store so get in there and get what you need!!!

I also got in some beautiful colors in Benefit Lipsticks. I don’t get Benefit items that often, they are hard to come by in the wholesale world! All of the lipsticks are boxed. I even have a lot that has 5 different colors of lipsticks in it for a great price!!

Colors in stock: Saucy, Misbehavin’, One Hit Wonder, Birthday Suit & But Officer. All are new in the box!

I also got in a pretty good assortment of Urban Decay. I like the names that they come up with when they name their products! I think it would be fun to have the job of coming up with color names and product names!!

Anyway, there are some Big Fatty Lip Plumpers, Lip Envy Lip Stains, Shimmer body powders that you can lick! Pleather pencils in “O” , Precious Metals Eye Sheens, some Lip Gunk, Shot-O-Glosses and body balms! Again, I priced my items ridiclously low, I don’t know what I am thinking!!

I also just went thru and cleaned out my odds and ends. Items that I only have one of and compiled it into one HUGE 94 pc lot  with an insane price of only $3 per item!!! Crazy! I know, I don’t know what I am thinking! It must be this Arizona heat getting to me!!! So someone will be getting this awsome lot! I only have one with brands such as Stila, Tony & Tina, Nars, Sue Devitt, Hard Candy, Sonia Kashuk and a couple more!! Check out my wholesale listings!!

I mostly just write about what products that I carry in Bela’s Boutique , but what many don’t realize is that Ebay is hard work! I know that there are alot of people out there that just wing it and do what works for them. I did that for a long time. Then last Christmas I came across a couple of things. The first was this video program called “1% Club 99% of Ebay Stores are set up wrong” by Janelle Elms. I was skeptical at first because I had already bought all those “Get rich on Ebay” e books that all turned out to be junk, but Janelle is different, she has worked with Ebay directly, taught at Ebay Uiversity and I think she was even the Dean of Ebay University. So I figured she must know what she is taking about!!

I have to say, it was one of the best purchases that I have ever made!  In my first five months after using the video program and joining OSI Rockstars, my sales were up 170% ! Isn’t that just CRAZY???  So anyway I am doing a Squidoo page on Success on Ebay so I thought I would include it here in my Blog as well!!!

You can check out these great programs by clicking on the banners!!!

Mac Glitter Eyeliner in Lime Dandy

Mac Glitter Eyeliner in Lime Dandy

I don’t know about the rest of you but it takes me FOREVER to get thru a huge pigment jar! It is probably due to the fact that I have a gagillion of them and never use anything until it is empty, hence my need for a huge makeup suitcase!!!

Anyway, I have been a listing fool lately! Tonight I listed these wonderful MAC Mini Pigment Charms I listed them in Lots. The biggest one that I have is 13 of the Charms, there are only two listings with this many in them and you get all 13 for only $100!! The colors in this lot are: Violet, Softwash Grey, Frozen White, Helium, Dark Soul, Pinked Mauve, Lily White, Forest Green, Copper Sparkle, Naval Blue, Sunpepper, DazzleRay, and one glitter in Reflects Gold (white) Compare it to full size pigments, you buy three and you are well OVER a hundred dollars!

I also listed MAC Glitter Eyeliners  in lots of 5 different colors for ONLY $60! The colors in each lot are Blitzed, Pewter Pink, Lime Danday, En Bronze and Wonder White.

I listed over 200 pieces of Molton Brown Cosmetics. It took me forever and I finally finished tonight! There is a huge assortment of eye shadow colors, foundations, lip products, mascara, pressed powder, blush and bath & shower gels as well!! They are priced WAY below retail!

I got in another 100 pieces of Bourjois. Since I had already listed over a hundred pieces I decided to make up a few wholesale lots because I know that people have a hard time finding small affordable lots! Cosmetics suppliers are the best kept secret around!! Nobody gives up their sources!! So when I get in huge lots of things I like to break them up into wholesale lots that don’t break the bank!

I also just got in about a hundred pieces of Smashbox…LOVE Smashbox!! Most items that I got in, I only got ONE of so it was really hard for me to keep my hands off of them because I wanted them ALL!!! You can click on the link so you can see what their prices are and then head back to my store in a couple days and see what great deals you can find!!!

Right now we are running a 20% OFF Sale!!! The percentage is off over 800 items store wide!! In the next couple weeks I will be putting tons more items up. I have been buying up everything my suppliers have offered me!!! Can’t wait to get everything in!!! I will let you know when I get the Smashbox up for sale!!!